Agile Software Development


In Software Development, project progress needs to be transparent and measurable. Agile project teamsoften use six main artifacts, or deliverables, to develop products and track progress.

Product vision statement: a quick summary, to communicate how your product supports the company’s or organization’s strategies

Product roadmap: a high-level view of the product requirements needed to achieve the product vision

Product backlog: The full list of what is in the scope for your project, ordered by priority

Release plan: A high-level timetable for the release of working software

Sprint backlog: The goal, user stories, and tasks associated with the current sprint

Project Management


With many years of experience managing projects in sectors such as Government, Logistics, Medical and Business, we integrat the latest principles to achieve success.

We will detail the approach, define the scope and layout the milestones. With Agile development we also create change management plans to accommodate potential unforseen circumstances.

Our communication plan will include weekly status reports, product reviews with our clients and frequent team communication sessions.

Integrated Solutions & Websites


We enjoy woking with clients bringing ideas to market via a New Product Development path, helping you transition Legacy Designs into the Latest Technologies, or  software solutions.

If its website design or SEO, we can organize a team of professionals that will specialize in these areas.