Reasons To Implement Our Document Management

The days of storing paper documents are quickly coming to an end.  If your company is a holdout in moving to digitizing their documents here are some reasons to get scanning.    

 Average hourly wage of staff that manages electronic or paper documents- $10-15 hr. 

 Can you calculate the amount spent on file storage, filing cabinets, filing cabinet floor space, paper, ink, printer maintenance etc. ? If you answer no, then you may be spending more money than you think.


Get Your Business Ready for the Future 

 Increase Security and Protect Your Business   Privacy laws including   HIPAA and FACTA require business to keep control over its private information. With electronic documents it is easier to maintain control. This is because you can focus security all the way down to the document level.  You can also track what each employee looks at and/or accesses. 

Comply With All Disclosure Laws Sarbanes-Oxley and other legal disclosure laws require business to quickly find all relevant documents requested. 

Get Back On Your Feet Quickly With Easy-to-Use Disaster Recovery   What would be the consequences of losing all of your records? Most businesses only have one copy of their company records and store that on site. This puts you at risk for burglary, flood and fire.  We help solidify your disaster recovery plan. Send files to your clients easily by sharing or allowing downloads- set expiration times too.

 Increase Efficiency In Your Document Management Processes Employees waste a great deal of time looking for records. They can be in their desk or in the official company records. Electronic records are easily found via search functions- and don’t require time to file after they are used. 

Reduce The Space Paper Documents Take Up In Your Office and File Room Millions of scanned documents can be stored in a server. To store a similar number of paper documents would require rooms and rooms.